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How to get the tone and the look...

Gear Guide

Curious about my equipment that you saw live or in a video?
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Guitars, Picks & Cases

My main gigging guitar is a Stringphonic Favino, purchased from Tommy Davy (Django Guitars).  I currently also use an early 90's Dupont MD50.


I mostly use a Django Guitars G pick, but will switch to a Wegen GJ 3.5mm for rhythm only shows (such as the Hot Club of San Francisco)

For local shows I use a Mono M80 gig bag,
but flying I use a custom Calton Case

Microphones & Pickups

I have three distinct ways of amplifying my guitars:

  1. A Carlos Juan VIP system (mic & contact sensor) installed inside my Stringphonic Favino

  2. A budget, DPA-inspired setup (pictured at next to this section)

  3. Electric pickup into an amp



I also have three different amps I use:

  1. For 90% of all gigs - a Bose S1 Pro. This speaker only does clean tones however.

  2. For gritty electric Django tone live I use an amp & pedals​

  3. For recording gritty Django tone, I use an original 1970 Fender Deluxe Reverb that's been heavily modded.

  4. I also sometimes use a small mixer into my bose:


The following gear is used for recording shows live, and for talking head videos in the studio

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