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Behind the Music

Experiencing Carington Swing live is to be transported back to a 1930's Parisian café.

Their fiery, yet romantic style pays homage to the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. Carington Swing remains faithful to the original instrumentation by featuring violin, bass and guitars, but pushes the sonic boundaries of Gypsy Jazz by mixing in the sounds of Latin, Eastern European folk, and Classical music in their original compositions and soloing.

Comprised of accomplished musicians from the Bay Area, the band is led by lead guitarist Christophe Carington. Christophe has
 lived in Paris, played Gypsy Jazz around the world, and has toured the US with the famous Hot Club of San Francisco.

Christophe Carington is a San Francisco based American jazz guitarist, composer, and arranger - mixing the sounds of Traditional Jazz with Latin, Eastern European folk, and Classical to forge his own energetic, yet romantic style of acoustic guitar playing.

He began playing classical violin at the age of 9, but quickly fell in love with guitar a few years later, studying both for many years to come. However, at the age of 24, Christophe arrived in Paris where he discovered Jazz Manouche for the first time. This eventually led him to discover the music of Django Rienhardt and the Gypsy Jazz style - a major influence in his current musical endeavors.

Christophe has toured and recorded with many American artists across multiple genres such as The Hot Club of San Francisco (Gypsy Jazz), Dig the Kid (Pop Rock), Willie G (Funk & Soul). 


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David Boyden.jpg

David Boyden, a violinist and fiddler born in the San Francisco Bay Area, is known for his fiery and fierce playing

In addition to the violin, he plays the hardanger d’amore (an incredible 10-stringed fiddle built by the Norwegian luthier Salve Håkedal), as well as a 7-string electric violin built by John Jordan. He actively plays the hardanger fiddle and the traditional folk music of Norway, and also enjoys playing big mandolins in his spare time.

An avid organology enthusiast, he hasn’t decided whether or not his next instrument will be a vielle or a pochette. From 2012 to 2014, he served as an intern for the Chrysalis Foundation in San Francisco, performing the music of Cris Forster on his original acoustic instruments.


Max Baker is a San Francisco based guitarist known for his propulsive and swinging rhythm work.

Inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt and Louis Armstrong, his musical journey on rhythm guitar began in 2020. Since then, he quickly rose through the ranks of in-demand sidemen.

He has spent the past three years performing with Twango, a Django-loving swing trio that plays everything from the Grateful Dead to Brahms. 


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Andrew Lawrence.jpg

Andrew Lawrence is one of San Jose's hardest working bassists. 

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2014, he has enjoyed an extensive career of touring, teaching, and recording. Performing frequently as a sideman, pit musician, and resident artist for local events - you may have seen him performing with acts such as Gunhild Carling, Skyline Hot Club, and his own band Speakeasy Jazz Society.

When he is not performing on stage, he works as a music educator, providing private lessons and group clinics across the Bay Area.


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